first in free share !! only in the forum ​Demo Majalahpro​WordPress Theme for Indonesian news, magazines, or news, which is designed according to the needs of news websites.
The wordpress theme designed for Indonesian news portals is similar to Tribun news com. Has various excellent features to support the performance of your website. More than Tens of thousands of Publishers, bloggers, Internet marketers have used our ThemeFeatures MajalahproCool DesignThe template is made similar to the well-known Tribunnews PortalIndexing FastIndex in search engines fast with code optimization.High CTRSupports 9 optimal ad spots for adsenseComment Via FBIn addition to default comments, you can also use FB comments to make them more crowded.All NicheCan be used for various Niche Blogs and not only for news portals.Full SEOOrg Support Schema which is currently officially used by Google.Infinite scroll supportAlready Support Infinite scroll as in other major news sites in Indonesia.Support 3 related postAlready supports 3 related posts at once. can be arranged by category or tag. And one of them already supports infinite scrollFixed Menu, Banners and WidgetsThe display is increasingly interactive with the fixed menu, banner and widget.Ajax Slider and Tabfaster loading times with the ajax feature. and the display is also getting cooler.Supports 4 MenusNot only one but 4 menus at a time that will support your website to become more professionalSplit Post navigation is beautifulEach post supports beautiful Split navigation with a banner on top.Support amp official pluginThe WordPress theme for this news has full support & official plugin support, starting from the main page to single and there is a banner setting for AMP pages.———————————————————————#Thank you @starliner and @NullMaster you are amazing!and especially Babiato amazing forum.

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