Download Free Mundana WordPress Theme like Medium latest design”Mundana” is a WordPress theme inspired by Medium’s latest design. “Mundana” is ideal for blogs and magazines (photography, personal, travel, hobby, lifestyle, web development etc). It works out of the box, activate the theme and your website will look just like the demo with the help of Kirki Live Customizer & Gutenberg!Mundana, a WordPress theme inspired by Medium’s latest designMany people are looking for a WordPress theme like Medium. Understandably, Medium’s design is a great example for modern web aesthetics: simple with a minimalist layout, stripped of colours, textures, shapes, animations, yet so beautifully crafted that you want to stick around forever. Mundana is inspired by the latest Medium’s design.This theme is original and auto update from developerread: https://www.wowthemes.net/themes/mundana-wordpress for more informationDon’t share Resource outside Babiato

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